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Harland Garrison 2023-08-12 00:25:00

Love the variety of songs on this station.

Barb 2023-07-16 04:23:00

Love the old music from the past. So enjoyable. Thank you so much

Dory Costa 2023-05-19 23:55:00

I'm so happy to be listening to this wonderful Radio Station most all day long. Thank you guys.

Karlene 2023-03-27 18:51:00

It'd be higher but there's so much time buffering that I don't get to enjoy the music so much.

anita 2023-02-04 18:11:00

awesome relief for daily drudgery!

GRVILL 2023-01-11 21:21:00

wish we channels like this in ontario canaduck

Dory Costa 2022-12-10 12:39:00

The best Radio Station I ever heard. I live in south Brazil and I with you all day long. Thanks.

Billy Quinn 2022-08-17 23:24:56

Your guys are awesome.

William Craig 2022-03-05 01:28:29

You are the greatest one-of-a-kind all oldies radio station. And by playing all the classics from the 50’s & 60’s you’re simply AWESOME!!!!

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