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Party 92.9 is an Adult Hits/80s Hits radio station serving Milwaukee-Racine, WI. Owned and operated by Tomsun Media.


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Reviews (12)

Jeff in Watertown 2023-08-15 10:08:00

Awesome!!! Station ranks up there with 101.5

David 2023-06-18 17:20:00

Outstanding Variety - By Far The Best Of The Best In Milwaukee And The Outlying Areas - If You Love The 70's And 80's You Will Absolutely LOVE This Station.
Tons Of Music With Very Little Commercials. I Just Wish The Signal / Reception Was Better - Thankfully It Comes In Pretty Good At My Home In The New Berlin Area.
Keep Up The Great Work And Variety - I Love The Variety Of Songs You Play!

Tam 2023-04-21 17:01:02

Love this station.

Tim 2023-04-13 17:13:00

Good music
Gets tiring of the self promotions what seems like between every song
You're advertising to listen to your station to the people that already listen to your station

Joanne 2023-01-19 21:53:22

I love the songs played on this station but I can't always get in on my car radio.
I also can't listen to it at work. Need stronger signal please.

Kelly Nefstead 2023-01-18 13:52:00

LOVE it. I live in Delavan so I can only get it from about East Troy north on my drive into work but as soon as I can tune you in, you are all I listen to. LIke others, I cannot get the online link to play on my computer for some reason. Tried different browsers, but it just thinks and thinks and thinks and never actually plays ????? If I could get past that you would be on while Im at my desk everyday/all day and from my computer at home!!!

Dave in New Berlin 2023-01-07 16:53:00

Best mix I’ve ever heard. Wish the signal was stronger, but please keep up the amazing format. Upbeat, party 24/7, love it! Keep crushing it.

The station is great if you can get it 2022-11-30 12:11:00

....doesn't come in 100% on the car radio, depending what area your in. Can't listen to it online(???) why not?? It would be a 'main' station to listen to if it were more attainable...

Mary F 2022-11-30 01:24:00

I'm so glad I found this station after the other 2 I listen to started playing Christmas music. It's too soon for that. Wish I could play the station on my computer, and you're right about the signal in the car. Mine is pretty good.

Dave Grochowski 2022-10-27 23:34:54

Great channel but doesn’t come in strong on car radio and can’t download on phone

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