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  • City of license: Washington, DC
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Vincent 2023-12-05 05:45 PM

Two Genius Talented Super Patriotic Radio Broadcasters!!! Keep Saving America! Right SHADY? and Partner!!!

Theo 2023-11-19 02:31 AM

If you know what's coming , THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW!!! Instead of being and broadcasting death, doom, defeat fellas, in my humble view. Good show, but show solutions.

Vincent 2023-10-21 10:38 AM

You Scot & All You Other gifted Patriotic RedState Fearless Broadcasters of Absolute TRUTH that is restoring our country RIGHTSIDE CONSTITUTIONAL UP!!! GOD continually BLESS & PROTECT YOU ALL!!! PSALM 91.

Vincent 2023-09-19 10:43 PM

Super plus 5 stars: thank all you folks ( patriotic men& women) saving hour country minute by broadcasting minute maintaing freedom. Ftee speech, unalianable god given rights rooted in our souls never to be submerged under. Like a ballon by bouancy always pops back up to the top. That bouyancy in us is our will to be " free"!!! God bleds you all!!!

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