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Rock 95.5 is a Mainstream Rock radio station serving Chicago. Owned and operated by iHeartMedia.


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Reviews (12)

ian 2022-08-19 21:22:09

where is tool, queens of the stoneage, screaming trees, dinosaur JR missing out on really good bands

Raul Medina 2022-08-12 17:56:09

Play the whole song!!!!

james 2022-08-11 20:55:04

Its an ok station, they dont have a large catalog of artists or songs pretty much the same stuff every day or two.... Plus i dont think they play any newer rock bands whether they are independent or not

Johnny Goode 2022-08-05 21:35:25

1 star omitted for too much pearl jam and 90’s nonsense. Could use a little more 70’s and 80’s such as Boston, Black Sabbath, Dokken and some other hair band like Britny Fox. 1 star omitted for whoever that annoying lady thats on the air in the morning always talking flippantly about sexual stuff. Other than those 2 things its a great station, I love how sometimes they play some really good songs you dont hear on the radio for the noon setlist, it made my week one time when I heard “turn up the radio”. Best song to work to. Also when they played a Dokken tune one time last year. That was awesome.

Jennifer 2022-07-15 17:43:08

Finally a station with a great assortment of rock and Grunge alternative! They even play Alice in a Chains, true talent and an under-rated band in my opinion. Suggestion…a little less Guns n Roses(other stations play GNR a ton) and Metallica, and more Alice In Chains especially songs other than Rooster and Man in Box. I heard Rain When I Die today, excellent! But there are so many songs that weren’t as popular on the radio from various artists years ago that would really make your listeners happy!

G. LaFrance 2022-06-03 15:42:50

Listen in early morning and after 2PM a great station however the music catalog needs to increase. I can set my watch to songs played day to dat.

Doug wilson 2022-04-13 12:15:14

Love this station it's all we have to work too helps get the job done

DAN 2022-03-28 19:47:27

thank GOD 95.5 came along after they took away the greatest radio station ever THE LOOP 97.9 you guys are doing good keep it up!!!!!!!

Christopher Skelnik 2022-03-06 14:10:41

need more hard rock less collage rock

John Gritsuk 2022-01-25 21:27:49

Great job

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