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Spencer 2024-02-19 08:27 AM

I was introduced to old time radio shows via CBS RMT while attending the Florida school for the Deaf and Blind in St. Augustine during the 1970s and 80s.
(WFOY, 1240 am, 01-06-/1974-12/31/1982).
It's wonderful to rediscover all these old time radio shows again.
The old ones are hard to kill.
Like many listeners, I choose this online station to guide my dreams while I sleep at night.
I hope this dream portal, with its creaking door, never closes for good.
If you love old time radio, please support this station and tell your friends and family about it.
Until next time, pleasant dreams.

Dan 2024-02-11 01:49 AM

Really enjoying this station. When everyone used their imaginations. Hey! I still use a portable manual typewriter. 1955 Smith-Corona. Still looks like new and types as if it just came out of the store.

Cheri 2023-01-16 05:07 PM

Biggest reason: CBS Radio Mystery Theater - this station plays multiple episodes of this late night/early morning depending on your perspective (late night for me) back to back. This is what I fall asleep to as I did as a kid in the 1970s when Radio Mystery Theater started. The show definitely lacks the finesse of the original OTR from the 1930s-50s, but it's thanks to CBS RMT that many in my generation (early X, born in the 1960s thereabouts) learned about OTR since we got to listen to this as kids. Plus our parents grew up as kids to the original OTR, so my parents enjoyed listening to this show as well as adults. Brought back memories for them. When this show came out I was around age 8. Even as a child I had problems sleeping. My dad got me a transistor radio and I fell asleep to this show every night. Flash forward 50 years I'm doing it again. To the same program! I also love that this station plays so many other of the other original OTR shows. I listen occasionally at work or just when I'm in my home. There are other stations I flip around to, but I always start and end with this one. Love Sergeant Will's!

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