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Simply Beautiful 91.3 is a Easy Listening radio station. Owned and operated by Central Texas College.

  • Call sign: KNCT-FM
  • Frequency: 91.3 FM
  • City of license: Killeen, TX
  • Format: Easy Listening
  • Owner: Central Texas College
  • Branding: Simply Beautiful 91.3


  • Address: Killeen, TX 76540-1800
  • Phone number: 254-526-1176
  • Website:

Reviews (7)

Greg Goodwin 2023-09-26 10:08:00

Picking this up in Hill County with sometimes good signal, sometimes over lapped with religious programming, but great to get it when we can. The music is sometimes elevator music of pop songs, some new age artists (Enya, Deep Breakfast, a few others), and other lite pop songs. An overall good experience.

Rated "Good" as the AP network news I once heard to mean "All Propaganda" and after listening to it for two months, am inclined to agree. Could another news network be picked up maybe?

Aside from that, great station.

John Shriver 2023-07-12 18:36:00

Something happened about 3 months ago and my reception is now very weak. Down the road about 1 mile at the corner of Trails End and North Rim (Leander) the station almost goes away. It happened one day so something was changed at that time
I still like your station!

Patricia Aguirre 2022-12-30 16:42:00

I live in El Paso, TX. I discovered KNCT some years ago coming back from my daughter's home in Georgetown, TX. Your music always takes back to a very dear moments enjoying the countryside scenery, but also sharing good times here in El Paso with my mother. She is no longer with us but your music transports me to those days. I also like listening the news, the weather, etc., everything that is happening around the places my daughter loves so much. I try to sponsor you every time a can. Keep it up!

Gene Deutscher 2022-12-23 15:48:00

Am a Temple, Texas living in Brasil presently. KNTC 91.3 continues to bring me relaxation even though far from home.

Terri Widjaja 2022-12-23 01:03:00

I like the Instrumentals Musics, But lately it's became little annoying, keep Blaa Blaa Blaa like a school teacher explaining lessons histories etc..That when I changed channel that only hear Music Instruments
I like hearing Bill Hakey weather channel

Mark Blanchard 2022-09-29 17:28:06

Great station

Rachel Knight MIlls 2022-07-27 18:15:34

KNCT has the consistent best music, shows, AP News, and Bill Hecke weather reports are the absolute highest quality around-Mr. Hecke takes the time to explain the weather and teach at the same time! Thank You for your service sir- and God Bless You!

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