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Jk 2024-06-15 04:52 AM

I really enjoy listening to Dale and Matt !! They are my go to guys ! Also want to wish Dale a speedy recovery !!

Kevin Miller 2024-05-03 03:45 PM

I like the shows on SNR, especially The Steelers Blitz with Arthur and Wesley.
I do have a question though. Why is it that when come to this site and start to listen, the shows are always 1 or 2 days behind? Right now I'm listening to the topic is Najee Harris ' 5th year option. I learned yesterday that the Steelers are not picking it right now.

Jeff 2023-11-30 12:09 AM

I live in michigan and listen to snr radio all day , it drives my wife crazy!! Keep up the great work guys .

Rabbi Ben Jovi 2023-11-12 07:33 PM

Shalom Shalom and Thank-you! I'm a true Steeler Fan and I can hear my Boys
in Black and Gold live here in Palm Springs,CA

Sandy 2022-09-11 06:16 PM

Thanks for broadcasting my steelers

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