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WHLD (1270 AM), branded as "Talk 1270", is a Talk radio station licensed to Niagara Falls, NY, and serves the Buffalo-Niagara Falls radio market. The station is currently owned by Cumulus Media.


  • Address: 50 James E Casey Dr, Buffalo, NY 14206
  • Phone number: 716-881-4555
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Reviews (8)

John Frankiewicz 2024-03-14 10:33 AM

Good shows but the signal is still an issue, can you repair the problem?

Norman. Bloom 2024-03-09 05:25 PM

It's been a long while since there was a proper talk station in the Buffalo area I used to live closer to Buffalo but now I'm further south by the Lake Erie side and we're on the other side of the lake so I can hear the stations through online and sometimes through a good transistor radio depending what type of radio I have we can hear it but if I'm in the library I hear it pretty clear and I like the people on there the taco shows the good damn bongino Chris Plante and I like that sort of thing just to say that I value the opinions on the stations because they're make the most sense so keep it up and I'll be listening all the time as much as I can I am an avid radio Lister been in the market myself I enjoy these stations you learn a lot from listening to what other people really think..

George Czerwinski 2024-02-15 04:49 PM

Why is it that you cut out all the time fix the problem will yea

John Guitar 2024-02-01 12:01 AM

Thank you so much for talking the truth. It's so refreshing.
Thanks, John

Robert Brunner 2023-10-12 02:02 AM

Your sig al strength is good during the day but, signal strength at night is pitiful.

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