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106.7 The Fan is an All Sports radio station serving Washington, DC. Owned and operated by Audacy.


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Reviews (6)

2023-10-20 12:47:00

Who are the guys who think they're Howard Stern? It's rough to listen to fifty year olds talk about twenty year old and teens. Who is the guys in the afternoon who sounds like a 1930's announcer Grant. I want sports on sports talk not 'are you a chip or cashew ' Simulcast from a real sports station or go classical

2023-07-27 17:49:00

I love this station when it do CBS sports radio and I like their morning shows

2023-03-20 22:38:00

Thought you were broadcasting several Wash Nats spring training games and found out nothing. Need to contact Nats and tell them not to tell fans it’s on hiur station. .

2023-01-12 21:23:26

Why in God's name are some of the commercials just outrageously LOUD?!?!. It's ear splitting. I literally have to turn it down on every commercial break!!! After my phone rings, the app freezes and I have to restart it.

2022-10-24 21:03:33

Yea less repetitive commercials needed, I am tired of listening to the goodby dolls

2022-09-09 14:54:20

Love the shows on this station, but who controls the commercials? Each break provides repetition of 4or 5 commercials - every time! Seems like they're caught on a bad loop possibly?? Hope this can be fixed. Have switched off a few times this past week because of this. Thanks in advance if you can fix!

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