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The Oasis - Modern Jazz is a Smooth Jazz radio station serving Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. Owned and operated by Audacy.

  • Call sign: KVIL-HD2
  • Frequency: 103.7 FM
  • City of license: Highland Park, TX
  • Format: Smooth Jazz
  • Owner: Audacy
  • Area Served: Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
  • Branding: The Oasis


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Reviews (7)

Kirk 2023-01-24 07:02:00

Wow, just found this on-line. I listened to this channel quite often back in the late 90's when I lived in the DFW area. Glad I found you guy's again!

Mark G. 2022-11-08 05:05:17

Terrestrial radio is dying, as everything moves online.
Glad to see the Oasis is back after so long, but needs to be back on regular FM and English-speaking. Having to use data to receive is not cool!

Chuck Willis 2022-07-23 22:30:36

Nice selections. Thanks for updating the app with neighboring stations as well as play by play song & artist updates plus 24/7 song & artist updates by the hour! Would prefer less voice over ads, especially ads outside of my city & state!

E 2022-06-02 23:00:19

Why does it have to be HD2?? It’s the hardest station to pick up! I can easily pick up the Oasis in Albuquerque because they’re not HD2 versus the one here in Dallas! Please fix this.

James C. 2022-05-10 22:42:52

I've been listening to The Oasis for many years, even back to when they were on the air. There's nothing like smooth jazz/modern jazz. So soothing!!

Ronald Blake 2022-05-10 01:24:15

I haven't listened in 20 years

Chris 2022-01-20 04:12:25

Glad you’re back!

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