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The Patriot AM 1360 is a Talk radio station serving San Diego. Owned and operated by iHeartMedia.


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Reviews (7)

Ray 2023-01-12 01:49:00

This shuffling of radio stations is a complete failure to those of us that listened to 760 conservative talk in San Diego. ALL of the complaints above are correct. Static/interference from another station make this unlistenable during dusk/dawn drive times (Ramona to RB and back). Better powered transmitter for 760? Don't know, just fix it. Add to that the horrible mistake (personal preference, YMMV) of dropping Armstrong & Getty for Glenn Beck. Stupid.

Maybe I should thank you for pushing me to download podcasts and turn off the radio. If that's your business model... Congrats.

Chris 2022-12-10 01:47:00

Thank God I can stream on my phone. Radio quality is shit, totally unlistenable unless you are in the city of SD. I live in north county. Please fix this!

Lydia 2022-11-17 19:08:43

Lakeside residents get horrible quality...have to turn the volume way up and static is constant. Hate it!

Noel 2022-11-07 23:43:07

I live in Rancho Bernardo. I can no longer receive one of my favorite night-time shows(Red Eye) due to HEAVY STATIC. Are people seriously more interested in sports radio than current events? Really????? Please return Red Eye to 760!

KAH 2022-11-02 02:29:42

Does not come in clear in Oceanside- please fix this.

John cappiello 2022-10-31 16:25:44

I love conservative radio but hate the change to 1360.are the owners democrats did they do this on purpose.i listened in my car for the 45 minute drive home and now unable to receive mark levin or i prefer am 600.sports radio is not for me thank you.

Blanche 2022-10-19 02:28:00

I was forced to listen to your station due to 760 moving programs to your station.
Your broadcast quality stinks. I listen in Vista and Escondido.
Have you ever tried to listen to two programs at the same time accompanied by a rolling static every second or two?
I usually listen in the evening late at night, especially Red Eye. In the background and often at the same volume is a musical program in addition to the constant static.
Last Sunday instead of Red Eye the program was Dr. Stanley with a sermon.
You call yourself a Patriotic station. What is patriotic with such a poor quality broadcast? The same thing happened with Classic Radio Programs.
Just when are you going to have a quality broadcast as good as 760 AM? If you cannot improve Quality I will start to contact some of your advertisers and tell them about your poor quality.
Please clean up your abismal quality.

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