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The Drive 107.9/103.7 is a Classic Hits radio station serving Missoula. Owned and operated by Mountain Broadcasting.


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RLC 2023-01-18 13:12:08

I appreciate this station. I like drifting off to sleep to your songs. But goofy Grease comes on. Plus GnR is for Z100

RLC 2022-10-19 06:45:00

Been listening for a year. You Changed up the Playlist. So much better. Not a lot of replayed songs. I like the variety of the decades. I know every intro and all the words. I've listened to Brian Williams before his still good. Since Angel retired and Taylor Hawkins death I can't listen to her stations like I use to. So I pick your station. It's continually going in the bedroom and bathroom
Always something I know. Great listening for me. Great job there.
How about throwing on For once in my life by Stevie Wonder. It's my song for my first born. Your Song by Elton John for my second born. But it's already on. Just a note to say I'm not disappointed and I turned on a few people to tune in. They like it even the 18 yr olds. So this station is just fine. We use to think it was called the Tribe. But we know it's the Drive but we have our nickname.
So thank you

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