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WBGO Jazz 88.3 is a Jazz radio station serving New York, NY. Owned and operated by Newark Public Radio.

  • Call sign: WBGO
  • Frequency: 88.3 FM
  • City of license: Newark, NJ
  • Format: Jazz
  • Owner: Newark Public Radio
  • Area Served: New York, NY
  • Branding: WBGO Jazz 88


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Reviews (10)

2023-07-05 20:13:00

Good but not as good as BGO before smooth jazz. Used to be the epitome of straightahead real jazz. Now it bows to the hipsters.

2023-05-23 17:37:00


2023-04-12 22:04:00

You are one of the best radio in the world.

2023-04-03 23:48:00

I've been listening to Wbgo since 1979, it's a awesome station.

2023-04-01 15:18:00

I LOVE WBGO for 44 years! I'm almost 65.

2023-03-04 18:34:00

I love wbgo been listening to you guys for over the years i love the saterday show keep up the good vibes

2022-08-07 15:00:56

I think this is the radio station my friends in Paterson, NJ told me to tune in too on the radio while I visited Paterson and I was very impressed with the old school soul music that was being played. It was different from the old school the other radio stations play, I loved it.

2022-04-24 16:04:33

I can't believe it. You are playing my music today. Rock Creek Park. When I tuned in. Now, Harold and the blue notes. Teddy pendergrass. Til 5p no doubt. Best quote of '22: I have a stack of records to play. Wow wbgo is not just jazz anymore.

2022-04-03 17:01:18


2022-02-28 17:49:06

So happy to hear jazz on the radio and of course Pat Prescott is the best!!

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