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WBNJ 91.9 is an Adult Standards radio station serving Monmouth-Ocean, NJ. Owned and operated by WWN Educational Radio Corporation.


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Reviews (2)

2023-05-12 12:43:00

My device, for some reason, interrupts wbnj's stream.... other than that, love to listen to wbnj....

2022-12-26 15:51:00

I like to listen wbnj's music program. I'm not to happy with the talk radio programs, but I do like preferred company, which was once on Beach radio, AM and FM, ànd the memories and music program with Dj Don. I would like to hear more Ricky Nelson and some Frank Zappa. I also miss the Jimmy Durante songs that I once heard in bnj's music repertoire. Res in peace Dj Rockin' Ray.

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