WDJO 99.5 FM, 107.9 FM & 1480

Cincinnati's Oldies Network

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WDJO 99.5 FM, 107.9 FM & 1480 is a Oldies radio station serving Cincinnati, OH. Owned and operated by Mustang Media.

  • Call sign: WDJO
  • Frequency: 1480 AM
  • City of license: Cincinnati, OH
  • Format: Oldies
  • Owner: Mustang Media
  • Area Served: Cincinnati, OH


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Reviews (3)

Tina Black 2023-04-08 22:24:00

I was so happy I came across this station I love the oldies. I remember when 103.5 was an oldies station.

Ann 2023-03-31 16:35:00

I clicked on the Thumbs Down graphic thinking it would show me comments and wondering how anyone could complain about your format.
Instead of showing comments, it registered me as voting you negatively. I would bet most of these 'votes' happened the same way.
Anyway, you should not have ten Thumbs Down; I think you are great!

eileen sith 2023-02-11 19:57:00

I have been in my kitchen until now (2:50 pm) getting ready for the Superbowl and have really loved the music I've been listening to. Thank you for making
my prep so enjoyable! Listening to those great oldies, one after another made this old heart so happy!

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