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949 248

WFAN 101.9 FM & 66 AM is a Sports radio station serving New York. Owned and operated by Audacy.


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Reviews (13)

Rm 2023-01-21 02:15:28

Steve simmers replacement, Keith, is the most boring person on radio. Brings nothing to the plate, impossible to listen to him. Has no knowledge about anything. The guys you put on to substitute are 10 times better than him. He’s awful !!!

Philip A Bambino 2023-01-16 01:05:00

Listen to WFAN NY sports talk n it's the best app, better than audacy n few others I've tried.. definitely recommend

Bob 2023-01-03 01:52:00

I think Sports Talk should stop with the immature talk like Juveniles in immature cafeteria talk at a middle school, and stop over-talking and stop with the nasty words, and stop sounding like High as a Kite.

Don B. 2022-12-05 05:09:00

Originally from Queens, NY. Nice to be able to have The Fan, and all its great shows.

Gerald 2022-10-17 06:01:02

Lori's my fave. Balanced, clear headed, passionate but doesn't "lose it", nice voice

Mario 2022-09-22 01:33:25

Great all around sport talk in NewYork!!

John hugh 2022-09-11 23:43:35

Too much yankees

Richard Maher 2022-08-31 23:32:29

Best Sports Talk in New York ! This is the only way to listen online since the Audacy app is a disaster . Boomer and Gio always start my day

Joe Licknack 2022-05-05 16:02:56

Great Station but I miss”Good Afternoon Everybody how are you Today “

Albert . Cruz 2022-04-08 19:33:19

The best talk sports radio

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