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WFOS is a College radio station serving Norfolk. Owned and operated by Chesapeake Public Schools.

  • Station name: WFOS 88.7 FM
  • Call sign: WFOS
  • Frequency: 88.7 FM
  • City of license: Chesapeake, VA
  • Format: College
  • Owner: Chesapeake Public Schools
  • Area Served: Norfolk


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Reviews (3)

Grace Sparks 2022-05-19 00:43:54

I love this station, I get to hear so many songs I haven't heard in years . Please keep bringing all of us this wonderful music, helps get me to work, the way home and everything in between!

raymond collins 2022-02-18 18:23:26

THIS STATION IS AWESOME. just like many others it brings back old memories of days gone by. they play such a wide selection of "OLDIES" that is another thing that make this station GREAT. THANKS AND KEEP IT UP.

Herman Weaver 2021-12-18 12:32:00

I really like the OLD SCHOOL music. It takes me back to my High School Days at IC Norcom in the late '60s. I was scanning the channels and your station 88.7 Stopped me with the variety of music I use to listen to and is NOT available otherwise. I have secured 88.7 on my radio in slot #1. Thanks for this programming!!!

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