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WKNO 91.1 FM (WKNO-FM, 91.1 FM) is a Public Broadcasting radio station licensed to Memphis, TN, and serves the Memphis radio market. The station is currently owned by Mid-South Public Communications Foundation.

  • Call sign: WKNO-FM
  • Frequency: 91.1 FM
  • City of license: Memphis, TN
  • Format: Public Broadcasting
  • Owner: Mid-South Public Communications Foundation
  • Area Served: Memphis


  • Address: Cherry Farms Rd, Cordova, TN 38016
  • Phone number: (901) 325-6544
  • Email: radio@wkno.org
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Comments (1)

tsyganka 2024-01-06 05:24 PM

I listened today to an NPR News Quiz rerun that was set in Nashville, TN, and was Very Pleased that Peter spoke more Slowly than usual - which means that we Southerners could Understand him. We speak slowly, and we also "listen slowly." ;-)
Also, a number of classical music hosts are now Avoiding the annoyingly soft, breathy "NPR voice" that can't be heard between music selections. Hosts had tried but failed to compensate for that voice by using 'expression"that goes excessively up and down the musical scale and by using "vocal fry" that allegedly conveys an impression of knowledge and authority but in fact sounds like the hosts are dying from some hideous throat disease.
The only faults are that (as on right-wig radio) large amounts of time are spent in repetitive "bumper music" instead of programming and in telling us what you're Going to tell us at a later time instead of going ahead and telling us Right Then.
Thank you for your excellent work.

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