WMQM 1600 AM

Memphis Quality Ministries

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101 40

WMQM 1600 AM is a Christian Teaching and Talk radio station serving Memphis, TN. Owned and operated by F. W. Robbert Broadcasting.


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Reviews (7)

2023-02-12 18:02:00

I Love the Voices of New Afrika!!!!... Thank you Baba Fodali and Comrades Yera and Kokayi!!!!... Excellent broadcast!!!!

2023-01-27 14:27:00

Wonderful Radio Station!!! And I don’t normally listen to radio. This station is off the chain from 6 to 9❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

2022-11-05 22:11:37

Love this!!!!

2022-10-16 16:37:37

FTL.. Salute!!!!... Great station

2022-08-20 16:13:59

Goodmorning great station to listen to if you wanna hear a good gospel and God great news I enjoy listening to this station.

2022-08-17 19:04:13

Great Station for Informative Information

2022-01-06 20:00:35

Great station love the alex jones show and pastor guy 's show great station

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