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WPFW 89.3 FM is a Public Broadcasting radio station serving Washington, DC. Owned and operated by Pacifica Foundation .


  • Address: 1990 K St NW #14R, Washington, DC 20006
  • Phone number: (202) 588-0999 / (202) 588-0893
  • Website: https://wpfwfm.org/radio/

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Reviews (12)

2023-08-22 14:52:00

I have been a financial supporter of WPFW FM since it began. The volunteers who do the programs do an outstanding job. There is no other station in the area with the diversity of programs that WPFW has. I have heard jazz not only from the U.S. but from Poland, South Africa and France to name a few. Local artists and community organizations are regularly spotlighted. Also it's the only station where I have actually been able to call in on air. I luv WPFW Fm

2023-06-10 12:51:00

Good Morning. Saturday. This moment I always get ready for. From 3am until I go to bed Saturday at night. Family be blessed and keep doing what cha do.... James funk. Maniac Mccloud. And others. From. DJ Super C

2023-06-04 15:34:00

I've been a member and have tuned in for over 40 years.

2023-03-04 12:49:00

Music that I was made on. And I`m 65

2023-02-26 17:17:00

This station makes me so happy and I feel so wonderful listening to music . Please continue everything you do ,we appreciate it Eddie and family

2023-02-07 11:30:58


2023-02-01 12:23:00

A relatively small amount of jazz, contemp blues and indie music. Claims to be about jazz and justice. but too many shows with local lectures talking to themselves. What music it has is fine
But little to attract listeners under ,60.

Also ignores facts that while it has a powerful clear signal, it ignored needs of listeners outside of DC on DMV. No or little community news relevant to working class in VA or MD. Also has failed to reflect change in demographics of DC itself in 21 cent. DC is a multi cultural city. PFW stuck in 1970s.

2022-12-31 18:17:05

Love this show

2022-09-26 22:52:09

I’m listening, Monday, September 26, 2022.
What is this show and who are the guest.

This show is fantastic. The guest are powerful. I’d like to follow them and learn more.

The host is saying everything I would say. Lots of critical thinking, articulation and vulnerability.

The best journalism I’ve heard on radio in as long as I can remember.



2022-06-02 02:02:41

Love your show DT

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