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WPFW 89.3 FM is a Public Broadcasting radio station serving Washington, DC. Owned and operated by Pacifica Foundation .


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Reviews (5)

M Jackson 2022-12-31 18:17:05

Love this show

Jamila 2022-09-26 22:52:09

I’m listening, Monday, September 26, 2022.
What is this show and who are the guest.

This show is fantastic. The guest are powerful. I’d like to follow them and learn more.

The host is saying everything I would say. Lots of critical thinking, articulation and vulnerability.

The best journalism I’ve heard on radio in as long as I can remember.



Reggie Carter 2022-06-02 02:02:41

Love your show DT

Jennifer J. Gibbs 2022-04-05 05:07:42

Love all programs, especially House After Dark!

St.Jamada 2022-03-22 17:22:05

Love your programs… (5)

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