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Reviews (31)

Joseph 2022-11-17 13:03:51

From a moonbat Democrat (lol) to Republican. I was blind but now I see, thanks to you. Keep up the good work.

Albert 2022-11-16 15:08:03

I love listening to Jeff.
A real treat on Jeff's show is when his lovely wife Grace voices her opinion.
Grace is a perfect example of Momma Bear U.S.A.

Maureen howland 2022-11-09 12:57:44

Love Jeff but I won’t listen to Howie again. He shot Jeff Diehl and all of us in the foot. He completely sabotaged him and he’s now dead to
Me. He does a terrible job reading commercials too and makes zero effort for advertisers. Baa bye Howie turncoat Carr.

DB 2022-11-09 11:42:56

Intelligent radio is what l call Kuhner. If he were on a nationally-syndicated radio basis it WOULD wake up the populous to the assault on the mind of the hellbent left.

Anthony in Nh 2022-11-02 11:16:14

Best morning show in America! Not only do I love to listen. Calling is even better. Jeff treats you like your a friend, unless your a nutbag. But then he still let's them on because of the entertainment value. Congrats in 10 years of Boston radio Jeff. Day 1 listener.

Slats 2022-10-31 12:22:03

Love that it's 24/07 always The Democrats fault

Margaret MacInnes 2022-09-23 22:42:58

Just love Jeff ! Listening to Jeff makes me wicked smart!!!

Mike McCarthy 2022-08-16 12:33:56

Best show in the business. Rivaling the great Maha Rushie

richard alberini 2022-08-09 13:24:03

jeff great show i wish you were president

Doobie 2022-07-14 18:57:18

Get over here pal.

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