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NewsTalk WTAQ 1360 AM/97.5 FM (WTAQ-AF, 1360 AM/97.5 FM) is a News/Talk radio station licensed to Green Bay, WI. The station is currently owned by Midwest Communications.

  • Call sign: WTAQ-AF
  • Frequency: 1360 AM/97.5 FM
  • City of license: Green Bay, WI
  • Format: News/Talk
  • Owner: Midwest Communications


  • Address: 1420 Bellevue St, Green Bay, WI 54302
  • Phone number: 920-435-3771 / (920) 406-1360
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Comments (1)

Tom Giese 2024-04-12 05:48 PM

Dead air again. Is your engineer ever on duty? It seems to be multiple times per week your station is literally dead air. I don't get how you can sell ads when you are selling dead air time. I have been listening since the 80s. Apparently technology is regressing on every level. We can't get election results in the morning paper, we can't expect a radio station to be on air, we can't get back to the moon.

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