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Where the Master Reigns: Philadelphia

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WTMR AM Radio 800 is a Christian Teaching and Talk radio station serving Philadelphia, PA. Owned and operated by Beasley Broadcast Group.


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Reviews (7)

Deborah Spruill 2023-04-07 14:40:00

Prophetess Mary Milton is a truly anointed woman of God. Thank you Jesus!!

Frankie 2023-01-19 11:36:00

What a blessing this station is.
Pastor Raymond Gordon enhance my day.
His sermons give me joy.

Janice 2022-11-09 14:16:47

I need the word every day for me and my grand kids and my family start to work & school. Thank you and God bless y'all.

John Marshall 2022-11-06 18:45:24

It’s great to hear Bishop Rapha on Monday evenings. You should play him more

Anne Reeser, DNP NACN 2022-09-03 19:03:50

Excellent. Thank you for having the NACN

alfonza black 2022-08-30 16:51:16

verg good

Maryann W. 2022-07-19 18:57:23

Annointed Station!!! I am so very happy and blessed that there is a radio station that plays good down home gospel music, has hard core prayer warriors and presents live sermons daily. Hallelujuh!!!!

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