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WVOX 1460 AM is a News/Talk radio station. Owned and operated by Whitney Broadcasting.

  • Call sign: WVOX
  • Frequency: 1460 AM
  • City of license: New Rochelle, NY
  • Format: News/Talk
  • Owner: Whitney Broadcasting


  • Address: 411 5th Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801
  • Phone: 914-636-1460 / 914-636-0110
  • Website: https://wvox.com/

Reviews (1)

Hellen 2022-03-26 09:51:08

Great station which I found about a year ago while station surfing on the radio. Now I listen to it online as the radio reception got fuzzy. My favorite program is Music of Your Life and it helps me sink into my easy chair and drift away into relaxation. Then the station identification blares like an alarm clock! There is one version of ID with a lady announcing, and another one-the blaring one-where the sound effects are indeed like an alarm, so alarming that the relaxation is jangled! Of course, indeed, we all want the station identified (as a matter of fact I’m telling people about the station all the time!) but perhaps the announcement could be in similar tone to the wonderful music! Thank you so much for fulfilling our lives by filling in the void across the radio waves where there really isn’t much music to be found anymore! (I also love the Italian flavor/flair on the weekends!)

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