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93XRT is an Adult Album Alternative radio station serving Chicago. Owned and operated by Audacy.


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Reviews (19)

XLE 2023-02-01 23:31:00

I was heartbroken to hear about my Best Friend in the Whole World! You have been with me since I could remember, driving the "Ryan" endlessly day in and day out for over 30 years. You will be missed greatly. Thank you and I will still be listening for you from time to time.

WXRT 93.1 FM Chicago - le :-)

Tim N 2023-01-24 00:51:00

A real tragedy--Linn was a great guy. Some great comments and observations by Linn's many friends and musical acquaintances. WXRT finally plays some really good music, upon the death of their most storied DJ (behind Terri Hemmert maybe) which is NOT the norm. They have a tendency to play it safe, playing the same bands over and over, and discovering some of the most banal new acts going, and playing them ad infinitum.

Ken Hoppe 2023-01-23 19:30:00

Have loved WXRT for 50 years!!!

John S. 2023-01-23 16:17:00

Been a listener to XRT since their humble beginnings. They were my companion every morning on the way to work, my go to for concerts either for info or on air listening, countless firework shows on the lakefront etc., even spiritual mentoring. Now I’m living in Colorado and so fortunate to be able to keep my hometown radio station by my side. It is with great sadness that I say goodbye to my Best Friend In The Whole World, Lin Bremerton. You will always be part of my family as will the staff at XRT.

B Harbach 2023-01-23 15:45:00

I have been listening to WXRT since the late 70's. The alternative music programing has introduced me to so much new music over the years. The DJs are genuine and witty. Saturday Morning Flashback is always enlightening. Thanks for being here WXRT!

ed z 2023-01-14 19:03:00

xrt is my sanity now that i have been condemned to hair bands, christian, redneck musicland. Without it life would be silence!

John Hewes 2023-01-14 16:54:00

The greatest city in the world with my best friend in the world and the best music in the world . Please don't stop!

shane ferguson 2023-01-01 10:07:00

moved from il. to al. in the late 1999, thank god for good internet because i have access to the very best radio station on the planet.have gotten a couple neighbors listening nowa days.

Jas Anderson 2022-12-02 14:00:00

I go all the way back to the beginning in the early 70"s when they only on for a limited time in the evenings. This station introduced me to SOOOO many bands and artists I would never had heard otherwise. Bless all of guys for making MY life so much better.



Hugh 2022-11-13 03:18:22

I've been listening,(when I can get it) since the mid 80's.
Like the wide variety of music.
Best day to you!

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