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Xtra 106.3 is an All Sports radio station serving Atlanta, GA. Owned and operated by Dickey Broadcasting.


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Reviews (13)

2023-08-30 22:52:00

Can't pick up the station in MidTown ATL.

2023-06-09 12:55:00

How can I listen to you?? Signal is almost non-existent.... Very anxious to hear the KIMMER!!!

2023-05-22 00:46:00

Listen online.. Its the way to do it right.

2023-04-03 02:52:00

love the show but no signal in Roswell

2023-02-14 17:01:00

great talk, need to improve signal so we can hear it up here in Canton

2023-02-09 16:39:00

Love many of the shows, but th3 3 guys in the morning are horrible especially the fake laugh. Also, for the love of all that is good, stop repeating the same clips over and over and over and over and over and over and over. They are starting to make me change the channel or mute the program until they stop.

2022-10-27 15:14:45

Not sure about the Hispanic add at the beginning, as soon as you turn the station on.
Signal cuts off too much ! This station has been producing this (XTRA 106.3) for a long period of time now...... its time to repair your SIGNAL..... Please

2022-09-10 14:53:08

I love the program this morning talking about the Queen Elizabeth II and the current situation and memoralizing the two cops who died in Cobb County this work. It is so nice to hear somebody with a brain discussing things in this difficult time. Thanks so much. I am old, live alone and so enjoy knowing I am not alone. Thank you.

2022-09-01 12:50:59

can't listen in roswell/woodstock fix your signal

2022-07-26 14:25:41

Poor signal? Stream online.

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